Photodynamic Therapy

NYC Acne Therapy
Before ALA-PDT Treatment
NYC Acne Therapy After Treatment
After ALA-PDT Treatment

ALA-PDT Acne Treatment. Three treatments two weeks apart with microdermabrasion prior to application. 30 minute incubation followed by blue light activation. Patient also had twice weekly blue light only treatments in between ALA-PDT treatments. After picture is taken two months after last treatment.
Actinic Keratosis
Before ALA-PDT Treatment
Skin Therapy
After ALA-PDT Treatment

Before Skin Treatment
Before Treatment
After Skin Treatment
After Treatment

ALA-PDT Actinic Keratisis. One treatment with acetone scrub prior to application. 30 minutte incubation followed by activation with blue light. After pictures are four weeks post treatment.

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