Fraxel Complexion Blending Laser

Fraxel 1927 Skin Laser Dr. Doris Day is proud to offer patients the premiere Fraxel Laser in skin care. It's FDA approved.

It's safe and effective for any skin type, with over 700,000 procedures performed.

It also has improved comfort for you, with an integrated cooling system technology.

Before & After Treatments

The one and only FDA approved Thulium 1927 nm wavelength in the industry, for outstanding non-ablative skin resurfacing. Any patient, any skin type, excellent on and off-face results.

Lesion Skin Care
Intelligent Optical Tracking System® (IOTS)for faster, more uniform & predictable results 85% efficacy rate at 3 months for AKs.

Laser Skin Treatment NYC

NYC Laser Skin Care
Dr Doris Day Blog
"Dr Day did a wonderful job!"
"I was so pleased with the results of my FX treatment. My skin is more even in color, fine lines have all but disappeared. I'm even noticing more firmness around my jaw line. I had my neck & chest done as well. The chest area had major sun damage, uneven color and roughness. Just 3 weeks after treatment it was smooth and more even in color. Dr Day did a wonderful job!" -Bettye H.

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